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Default any player/software that auto generates English subtitles

I know that youtube auto generates English subtitles if you upload a video ...
but can any PC software generate the same? or a player on the fly?

thank you...

I am traveling and am now on a very slow 2G/EDGE connection... I'd like to get a software that will transcribe some clearly spoken English videos for some locals schools here ...
so I can't upload huge videos :/
would love a software/player to do it locally on a PC

any advice is much appreciated ...
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I can think of a couple of avenues for research that should bear fruit but none are silver bullets. As usual, it is far easier to upload to YouTube than to try other options.

It's likely to be easier in English than any other language.

1. Get an application that does this.
I don't know any program that does it by itself but I guess there is at least one out there. If not, there are many options in combination.

Some programs can produce transcripts (you can convert a video file to an audio file for input to the transcription/voice recognition/dictation software) which you could then uses as input to a subtitling program. But you might have to run a text conversion to format it for subtitling so that would then be three programs.

For example, you could use Windows Speech Recognition which is built into Windows Vista, 7, 8 and 10. I assume that it expects a microphone. If so then you need to redirect sound output to the microphone which can be done using
  • drivers - I used this a decade ago but don't remember the details
  • a cable from the headphone port to the mic port - it is more difficult to get a cable if the headphone and microphone share the same port.
You'd then have to subtitle the video with the transcript you've recorded.

2. Develop an application using a voice recognition API.
In this case, the Google API is probably equivalent to YouTube.
e.g. How Use Google's YouTube Speech Recognition without uploading videos to YouTube?

How to add subtitling to a YouTube video. There will be a way to do this as hinted here:
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