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Default Multi-camera editing software

I record videos of my hockey games. Occasionally, a spectator will record a game from the stands. Or, I had one teammate who would put up several GoPros around the rink.

Currently, I'm using [commercial program] It does not handle multi-camera setups very well. It has a multi-camera feature, but I find it incredibly cumbersome. The playback windows are too small. The auto-sync feature doesn't work with the cameras on the outside of the glass. And, in the GoPro situation, the limit of four angles wasn't enough for me.

Does anyone know of a free editor that handles multiple angles gracefully? The specific features I think I need are, multiple resizable windows displaying synced tracks. And, a way for me to mark a spot on multiple tracks and click a button to say, "Line up these frames against the top-most track." My transition needs are pretty simple. I intend to just grow the appropriate track to fill the frame.

An added bonus would be something that made it simpler for me to mute sections of the video. If the scorekeeper plays music during stoppages in play then I have to manually mute the music, or YouTube dings me with a copyright violation. (Very annoying.) In [commercial program] I have to click on the line in the soundtrack section a couple of times at each end of the muted section. It's not horrible, but it does require more precision than should be necessary. I just need a mark-in and mark-out mute capability.

Drake Christensen

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