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Default Basic Simple Desktop Calendar

Do you know of anything basic that can be used purely as a calendar, without any reminder or 'to do' features? I really need nothing more than the equivalent of a physical wall calendar, but for a Win 8.1 desktop -- don't even particularly want it permanently open/displayed, so a shortcut to a small piece of installed software to use whenever required would be fine and less clutter (maybe take up less hard drive space too, than something with features I wouldn't ever need), but it should be capable of going back to any year in the past. Thanks.
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I'm not aware of any program that directly does what you're looking for, but one option would always be to use a simple note-taking program and import a wall calendar image into it - or just setting up a calendar in a word-processing program. There you could just use a 7x5 grid and set that up as a sort of calendar, then you wouldn't even need to use a separate program.
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I just use click on the Windows system time (and date) on the Windows taskbar and the calendar is displayed a month at a time.

Maybe you have that turned off. if you do here's how to turn it back on:

There is also a calendar in most email programs including Windows Live Mail, Windows Mail (and Calendar) app, Outlook, etc.
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There's a small selection here (the last one is for Linux only).

Although these do more than you want, most are customizable so you can switch the non required features off.
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Rainlendar works for me
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The very old ATNotes does it...
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