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Default backs up windows phone and kindle fire

I have a Nokia Lumia 920 and a 7 inch 5th gen. Kindle fire and do not know what to use for backing up each one. I looked on the internet for windows phone backups and saw Duplicacy but wasn't sure if it was a good choice for my phone. I know there is a backup utility on my phone but am not sure how good it is. I also saw a lot of free things on Amazon for backing up my kindle but wasn't sure which were good to use. Are you able to help me?

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Backups are a basic feature of computer systems so it is normally possible without having to buy additional programs. That's the case for both your systems. Here's a some examples. I've used both the Windows Phone methods but don't have a Kindle. The links I've provided are examples that I've not actually used - they look OK but if you're unsure of anything then check by searching for other tutorials or asking here.

As you've got Windows Phone 8 on your Nokia Lumia 920 then it is not difficult. You need a Microsoft Account and OneDrive which has 5GB storage free.

If you've got too much data or you want another method then you can also copy your phone files to a PC using an USB cable:

There is a similar procedure to copy your Kindle files to a PC using an USB cable:
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