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Smile Duplicated Files

Well first let me say that I had to recover files from a bad hard drive, can't believe today hard drives are still going bad, and it just seemed easier to recover all the photos instead of viewing each one. Anyway. I need a program that will go through a file folder and list all those that are duplicates. It would be nice if the program listed them by size, as I would like to of course keep say the largest photo of each one duplicated.

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My go to program for this task would be CloneSpy

Alternatives are available -
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Works under Windows and Linux

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Will give both of them a try and see what happens, thank you. ( thread closed)
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An addition to the list: I recently had the exact same situation, and I used duplicate files finder to find the duplicates. It only does byte-for-byte comparisons (so it won't look for similar images or anything like that) - but it does it extremely well. The website is at, and AFAIK there are no extras bundled with the installation.
EDIT: Sorry, started my reply, got distracted, and didn't see you replied in the meantime But I'll leave it here in case there's any interest
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