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Default non-online/web-based relational database


I am looking for a offline (as in installed on my PCs, not 'cloud,' online or web-based solutions) relational database (as defined in the link further below) that allows me to manage my data which includes pdf, images, audios and texts.

I do a lot of purchasing online (Amazon, Ebay, etc.) and keep records of them both locally or backed up to Dropbox or Google Drive. However, as my total file size totals now exceeds 2 gigabytes of data representing the last 10 years of purchases, I need a way to organize them so I can search and retrieve them easily (instead of spending time flipping thru folders looking for what I need). Would like to be able to sort/search by seller, date of sale, etc.

Perhaps I'm not using the right search terms on I've tried "database," "relational database," "data management." But have as yet to find what I needed. I keep on getting other results like malware databases, business database management (which seems to be more oriented for the other side of the table, the seller side of things), and a lot of other unrelated things that doesn't address my needs.

The closest seems to be azzCardfile, BUT it's 16-bit and I'm not certain whether it'd be compatible with Win7 x64 (which will soon be upgraded to Win10 x64). Also it's a bit TOO simple and I'm not certain whether I'd be able to cross-reference files between information such as seller, date of sale, etc. Further I'm not certain whether it'd be able to handle the huge mass of data I have (>2GB).

The next best was this page in Gizmo's:

Which pretty much address what I was looking for, BUT I don't use Excel and don't want to use an online app (except only to back up my data to Dropbox and/or Google Drive). Nothing locally installable, this is the reason why I ranked it lower than the 16-bit AzzCardFile.

At the rate I'm going, I'm starting to feel like I'm going to have to learn Excel or equivalents (which is too much for just keeping track of purchases and related data and link them in meaningful ways like how much have I bought from a particular seller, or how much have I spent on a specific week/day/month/etc.).

Anyone knows of a installable software package? I don't mind a bit of learning curve (as long as it's not like I have to go to school to for that) as long as the benefit outweighs the hassle of learning the program. I've tried searching off and on over the years and now am getting desperate as my data backlog gets even bigger. I know that I'm going to have to spend a few days to transfer/organize the data to whatever I end up using.

I'd appreciate any help here! Thanks.

Data-Disorganized-Disaster Lance
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You don't need to limit yourself to a relational database because you probably have one one database table containing fields/columns like the following:
Date ordered/purchased
Date received
Vendor name
Vendor website
Vendor invoice number
Unit price
Price before tax
Total price
This would be easy in Excel so you should look at Microsoft Office/Excel alternatives. I'd suggest trying those that also have a simple database option:
OpenOffice Calc or Base
LibreOffice Calc or Base
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I don't think Gizmo's has covered a review of free database management software, and that's why you cannot find a database software that you are looking for.

I searched around for a simple, free database software, and came up with names like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite Database Browser.

While MySQL and PostgreSQL might be a little advanced, SQLite might be the one you can try. Here is an article, with kind of a primer about it:

If you are willing to spend a little time learning database and SQL, then MySQL or PostgreSQL will be good choices too.

If what Remah says meets your demand, then what he has recommended is quite good too.
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MySQL and other products require a bit more effort than a simple table spreadsheet or database query/report. See this example of a simple table query (using MySQL) I wouldn't recommend Lanaka to learn SQL for simple table queries unless there is some other benefit from learning it.

SQLite is an embedded database which means that it is used by developers in their programs and doesn't have an "office" interface. You can get front-ends to access SQLite databases but that is more effort than using a real office product.
Better to light a candle ... than to curse the darkness.
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