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JiveJimmy 04. Mar 2016 10:21 PM

Chrome bookmark columns
I am looking for something that will display a long bookmark file list as several columns so the whole list is visible without scrolling down. And naming the columns would be even better.


taylor1277 18. May 2016 01:44 PM

You can take the folders as I do and put them as folder tabs under the address bar on Google Chrome. I have a Favorites,Computer, My Folder, GF's Folder, News, Music, Shop, Page Review Folder. Instead of opening your Bookmark manager, you put your favorite folders here and then you can click and open them and see the link you want. Such as my favorite folder is a list of the most favorite websites i use, click on it, and go down to the site i want, but I do click on open in another tab, so that I still have the current page I am on. Don't know if this was what you were referring to, but I hope it helps. Dependng on the name length of the folder you will only be allowed to have maybe 15 folder.

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