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wg1995 05. Jan 2016 12:18 AM

maximize Wi-Fi speed?
I am looking for a program that will adjust the setting on my Window 8.1 computer to maximize download speeds from Wi-Fi. I frequently download media using Wi-Fi hotspots like Starbucks.

Axe 05. Jan 2016 09:12 AM

Software that will boost your wifi speed...
Honestly, i doubt that.

NeoDoug 19. Feb 2016 11:03 PM

hmm....Trimble devices allow you to chose the signal strength when creating GPS locations, but this is more about taking an accurate reading. Honestly, I think it is already maximized. Ways to improve your signal can come down to moving to a better location, opening up your network to catch signal from various satellites versus a set group, having a local network provider, not using the same connection as many other people, etc. Really I think you are looking for something which will just pull on the strength of what is available, but this is difficult when everyone's internet is protected so you end up playing within your connection and there isn't much else you can do besides find a location where the signal is the strongest. It's not like in the 80s when you used an antenna on your tv to get better signal.

Remah 20. Feb 2016 02:43 AM

Check out Best Free Wi-Fi Network Finder Utility and other free software

The rest of this post describes why you shouldn't expect much improvement.

The AP is the issue not your computer
As others have said, software doesn't give you many options on your computer because all the action is at the WiFi AP (access point) which is commonly your router. The issues are largely related to the overlapping WiFi networks that constrain the maximum speed available to you.

Most of the methods for improving WiFi focus on the AP. See this example, one the many articles on improving WiFi speed. This means looking at issues like the following:
  • only using the latest standard e.g. N and not G, B or A; only using 5GHz band
  • managing signal strength e.g. to minimise overlap with other networks, or to maximise range
  • selecting a channel or channels e.g. choosing non-overlapping channels 1, 6 or 11 for 2.4 GHz

The other issue for you is that public WiFi generally focuses on compatibility which means being available to the most standards e.g. supporting B, G and N. This works against performance.

On your computer
You still have some options at your computer by getting a program that has the following:
  • Configuring your computer to only use the latest standard e.g. N
  • A signal graph to show which networks are available and which has the best signal so you can choose to connect to the network with the best throughput.
  • A signal meter so, once connected to a WiFi network, you place yourself in the best position to maximize throughput.

Burn-IT 29. Feb 2016 01:38 AM

Curiously one I found that helps on both my Laptops is to disable all other network adapters than the one in current use.
Windows splits its resources among devices even if they are not being used.

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