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gwh 05. Nov 2015 12:34 AM

PW Hotkey
Can I program one of my keyboard keys to store my PW and how if so ?

sicknero 05. Nov 2015 09:37 PM

There are numerous third party clipboard managers which allow you to create permanent clipboard entries and then assign them to a specific key combination.

ArsClip is a good one but there are plenty to choose from.

Remah 05. Nov 2015 10:17 PM

"Hotkey" is the phrase to search for at Gizmo's. You'll get many good options:
Best Free Hotkey or Macro Recorder Utility
Assign A Frequently-Typed Word or Phrase To a Single Key
Re-Program Your Windows Keyboard Keys With This Simple Utility

gwh 06. Nov 2015 01:11 AM


Originally Posted by Remah (Post 114915)

Thank you for lighting the candle

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