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i8spombots 30. Oct 2015 02:03 AM

Reminder prog allowing paste of multiple times
Hello members

(note am a long term member but cannot access old user name for some reason)

Hope someone can kindly solve this one.

I have a desperate and ongoing need for multiple reminders in a single day (can be 40+ some days). It is not really practical to add the times one by one due to the potential high number so I was looking for a reminder program that allows pasting in of a list of times in 24 hour clock style or with AM/PM identifier in one paste and all reminders are done.

The reminder sent would be the same for every event, be it sound (preferred) or popup, so I don't need multiple "todo" hints, just the same, once only, message each time triggered. I'll know what it's for!

Have searched the forum, site and web but cannot find a program that says it will allow multiple pastes to set it up. Apologies if I missed one.

Thanks in advance.

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