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Default Program to Delete Windows from old HDD?.

I have just installed a new SSD to my PC. Everything went well and it all seems to work so far. I reinstalled Windows7 to the SSD and have installed all my programs games etc to the new drive. I thought that now all I would need to do to the old HDD was to do a format through disk management but it won't complete. After googling various options I find that as far as I can figure it is the old Win7 install causing the problem and I should try some sort of partitioning software. Does anyone know of a solution to this?. I just want to use the old drive as a storage drive.
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You should never "Start" a new copy of Windows with an old one still visible.
You will end up with it needing both copies to work.
Always remove the disk with ANY of the old copy before starting the new one for the first time.

It is safe to put the old one back AFTER Windows has been started and configured once from the new one. Windows will search any drive it can see when it first starts because it is actually trying to help by looking for previous settings that you might want to keep.

You will need to do it all again I'm afraid with the old one removed
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