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dianefranzen 01. Jul 2015 06:31 PM

record a heartbeat ????
I am trying to find a program that will help me record my heartbeat to play later. I have tried a fetal monitor using audacity but too much noise. I know an iphone works using the microphone but my budget allows only a smartphone.

I would appreciate any ideas. Maybe a cheap voice recorder? microphone?

thanks ::)

sicknero 01. Jul 2015 07:48 PM

Is it important that it's your own heartbeat?

A stethoscope or something homemade along the same principles would help, and then a condensor microphone if you can get hold of one. As long as you can get a half-decent signal to noise ratio then it should clean up ok with some careful EQing and gating. It will honestly make no difference what kit or medium you record into and onto (as long as you avoid anything that uses automatic recording levels) - I mean using a voice recorder will give no advantage over recording into your pc and Audacity is a very good software solution as long as everything is set up correctly.

What kind of quality do you get if you just record "normal" sounds, e.g. speech? It's possible that your poor signal to noise ratio is caused by your general set up rather than anything specific to this project.

It would be so much easier though to get an audio file off the net.

Sounds like a diverting project though : ) I'll have a go myself later and post back

dianefranzen 01. Jul 2015 10:19 PM

I am definitely over my head. I don't know what EQ'ing or a condenser microphone is. I definitely have to record my own heartbeat. The stethoscopes that record cost a fortune.
I get a decent heartbeat with the fetal monitor - just can't get it onto my pc. I've tried the laptop voice recorder but it sucks. I'm going to try sending it to my ipod or tablet.

thanks for replying.

sicknero 02. Jul 2015 01:55 AM

I forgot to ask about the fetal monitor ...

If it's picking up your heartbeat clearly, then the problem is definitely at some point between that and your hard drive and you don't need to think about stethoscopes or anything else like that. As you say the problem then is just getting it onto your pc, and that shouldn't be too hard to sort out.

How exactly are you recording from the fetal monitor? If you're playing your heartbeat through speakers and trying to record that, then it will be difficult to get a decent recording. Especially if you are, say, using a laptop's built-in microphone.
But it should be possible to connect the monitor directly to your pc or handheld devices which would get you a good result. How does the monitor let you hear what it picks up?

If you could post more details I can probably help more ...

- The make/model of the fetal monitor so I can google it and see how it works exactly. For example whether it has a headphone socket, whether it has its own speakers and how it connects to them etc.

- Exactly how you have set up the fetal monitor and your pc for recording ... how you are getting the sound into your pc ... e.g. whether by audio cable or microphone. A photo or three would help if it's difficult to describe.

- Whether you've tried recording anything else onto your pc anytime and how it came out. Does Audacity record other things well for you?

It sounds like something that could be sorted out quite easily in person, but it might take a little more time and perseverance here. I enjoy this kind of project though.

George.J 05. Jul 2015 06:05 AM

Why don't you try some Android apps like Instant Heart Rate

dianefranzen 17. Jul 2015 11:34 PM

Thanks George. Sorry my pc was in the shop for a bit. the baby monitor is called AngelSounds. It has a direct line to record on my pc. I am going to try it with my new macbook. I will also try the android apps.
I haven't really recorded anything on my pc to compare it with.

the model is Jumper, comes with headphones and pc ink.

sicknero 19. Jul 2015 08:33 AM

With a direct cable connection into your PC, you should be able to get a clean recording very easily.

I think I'd suggest getting to know Audacity a bit better perhaps? Try recording from some other device (mp3 player, phone etc) and see if you can get good results. It's probably just a question of getting everything set up properly.

It sounds anyway as if you have several different options for recording ... I'll be interested to hear if you find it easier on a Macbook.

I don't know what pc ink is but I see on the Argos website that the monitor includes recording software. It might be worth trying that although in theory it shouldn't be any different to recording in Audacity or any other audio software.

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