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Default Monitoring downloads

I'm in a mobile net connection, with limited Broadband traffic.

I have the automatic upgrades off of Windows, AntiVirus and the main programs I use.
Still, sometimes , while I'm only reading some web page without videos, even with the "work offline" on, I find that my computer is downloading tenths or hundreds of Megabytes. Now I'm using XP, but usually I use Vista and I know that in Vista there's an option in the Task Manager to show what program and from/to what URL the computer is down/uploading data, but still with that most of the time the URL's are not meaningful. There's a section here where I can find net monitor programs that reports the real address where the computer is connected to?
Thanks in advance.
PS: I've found the sometimes the guilty are some browser add-ons, but I still want to control this issue.
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Try Glasswire

It's all you want and more.
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