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Default Want to tag and rename mp3 files automatically


I have some mp3 files that mostly have no tags and they are in a variety of naming formats like: artist - title, title - artist, track #. title etc.

I wish to tag all the files correctly from an online database and rename the file by title hyphen artist. Preferably all automatically.

I've looked at half a dozen freeware and even commercial programs but they all require user input of at least some kind.

I do recall having previously used a player that quickly identified the track being played and allowed you to rename and re-tag the file accordingly, but of course I can't recall which player that was and in any case it would take too long to play each file. so that's not really an option.

I've also looked at an mp3 organizers, MediaMonkey, but could not discover if it has that function.

So basically I want an easy to use program to auto tag and auto rename mp3 files by title - artist. I prefer freeware of course but will consider commercial software if it does the job and there is no freeware capable of doing it.


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Try looking here:

(Mx16 + Cx1 + Lx2) + (Tx5 + Nx2 + Bx33)
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If you want your music player/organizer to do the same, you can choose MusicBee

Simply select all the files in the library->Right click menu->Auto-tag by track->Identify track and update tags.

Now you can choose to update files based on digital sound signature or not, update blank field only or all etc
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I really like MusicBrainz Picard.

Apart from the normal auto-renaming and retagging of MP3s, it can also work on unknown MP3s that have no tag data at all.

It manages this thanks to "audio fingerprinting" which involves extracting a section of the track's audio and comparing it to an extensive on-line database of music.

Given a folder full of unknown MP3s it can add tag data, rename files, add album art and sort tracks into the original album order.

Great program, I use it a lot and it works very well even with my somewhat obscure music tastes. It can't always find music in its database but overall the success rate is impressive.

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+1 for Picard, probably the best tool to "reverse-tag" music files.
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Sorry for not getting back sooner. Finally ended up using MusicBee which does the job.

Thanks guys.
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