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Default On-line Calendar

My internet provider had been using Google Apps and has decided to change providers.
I did not use G-mail but I did use the Google calendar. It may not have been great but I could use and update it on any of our PCs and our Iphone.
I use Outlook for mail but it does not allow a calendar created on one PC to be viewed on another PC or Iphone,
What do you recommend to replace the Google calendar that will allow the same capabilities that I had?


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Are you sure you can't share your Outlook calendar with someone?
Seems i did that not long ago.
You are speaking of Outlook (alias Hotmail)?
Microsoft sure did a nice blunder in name changing.
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Default can share calendars with anyone who has a Microsoft account which is the email address and password for several Microsoft services:,, XBOX Live, OneDrive, Windows registration, etc.

You do have to give permission to share it with other users:
Share calendars in
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