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Question create a multi-page booklet

Looking for a simple program to create a membership directory for a non-profit group with photos, text, and clip art in a booklet format measuring 4.25" x 5.5". It will be updated annually. Had used MS Publisher in the past but it is too costly to buy the program for an annual update. It would be great if I could import last year's MS Publisher file into the suggested program Thank you for your suggestions.
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You can save the file as a Word or RTF document. This probably gives you the broadest compatibility with other programs. I'd maker sure that I had saved it in several different formats in case you strike a problem with one or more of them.

The document layout is not complex so a word processor is more than enough but may not provide the fancy formatting you are used to in Publisher or other desktop publishing programs. You can get word processors that are stand-alone or part of an office suite. I prefer the latter because they are generally closer to Microsoft Word.

It sounds like it would be best to layout the directory in a table with each entry on one row. You could have multiple columns so, for example, you can sort by name (first, last, or both) or other info.

I have used programs that print a multipage booklet but I prefer to use printers with a printer driver that has the booklet feature. This gives more flexibility because I don't need to use smaller pages sizes. So when I'm editing the pages they are all A4 (11.69"x8.27") or Letter size (11"x8.5"). The booklet feature sequences the pages in booklet order and reduces them (71% for A4 to A5; 77% for Letter to Statement/Half Letter/Stationery) to two pages per sheet, double-sided.

I don't know if any simple contact management programs would provide what you want. There is probably at least one free program that is close, but you will probably have to search for it yourself.
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