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Default reports free disk space in real-time

I'm looking for a real-time disk space monitor for Microsoft Windows 7.

I'd like a little widget - in the notification area perhaps? - that shows me in real-time how much free disk space I have. It would be nice if it could show all drives separately at the same time.
Ideally I'd like a graphical representation, but text info is also fine.
Something like this should not be processor-intensive nor use much memory.

Thanks for your suggestions.
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Here are a couple for you to try.

Please note the possible requirement for the extra file (Diskmon). This was needed for my Win7 system but the program worked fine after installing it.
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Thanks for the suggestions.

I found another good one called "FreeMeter". The downside is that it doesn't report disk usage in real-time as I was hoping, but it can be set to refresh every 30 seconds, which is probably good enough.

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