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Default Download manager that picks up from FileFactory

I'm looking for a Download Manager/ Accelerator that can pick up a file being downloaded from FileFactory. I've tried lots of downloaders that require that you enter a ulr but FileFactory does not provide one.

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I don't use File Factory so can't help with a download manager but there's a workaround that I use quite often ...

Start downloading the file you want, then right click it in the download manager of whatever browser you are using.

In that context menu there should be an option to copy the download URL to your clipboard.

It's a bit of a faff, but worth it for downloading large files I find.
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Such sites, like RapidShare, do not allow users to use download managers, and therefore, downloading from such sites by download managers is not possible. You just have to stick to what they offer.

Some specialized download managers were able to provide downloads from RapidShare like sites, but I haven't tried them. Don't think that FileFactory is that popular to have such a download manager.
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Maybe JDownloader?
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EagleGet, Free Download Manager and Internet Download Accelerator seems to download just fine from FileFactory.

Additionally if you are having a premium account at FileFactory you can insert your credentials in the Site Login feature in these download managers so that it will set the cookies.

Here is a test URL for you to check:
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