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Default Subsetting (thinning) Files

I use the free version of TimeSnapper to help with reporting hours worked on various projects. The program saves a screen capture (png) at a user specified capture rate. To keep the logs manageable I have set the capture rate at one capture every 5 minutes.

Recently the program reset itself to its default of one capture every 5 seconds. I now have several days of log files that I would like to thin down to one capture every 5 minutes, because the capture files are taking up too much space and I have to browse through too many files to find what I want.

Does anyone know of a program that can help me thin these files down, leaving me with only one capture every 5 minutes? To complicate issues, TimeSnapper stops capturing when the computer is not in use (as when I'm in a meeting or at lunch), so it's not quite as simple as keeping every 60th file and deleting the rest.

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Panzer, the OP is not asking for alternate software. As explained in his post, OP is asking for some kind of software that will help him choose only the files captured at every 5 minutes from the huge number of files captured every 5 seconds.
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Oh ... I don't know of any software of that kind ...
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I can't think of anything that would do this, off the top of my head ... I can't think of any way that the Windows sort columns or any search engine would help either.

However, it might be worth your while checking out the "Coding Snacks" section at Donation Coder ... I think you'd need to register (it's free) but you you can then post a request for one of the coders to create such an application for you.

I know nothing about coding but it sounds as if what you want might be fairly simple to do... something like selecting files by a user-editable increment. Just guessing though - it might be very complex for all I know but you've nothing to lose by asking.
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