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Default Something that can surely play movies edited by movie maker

Video taken by smart phone and edited into a 2-minute movie by Windows Movie Maker. Both video and audio play well when it is PREVIEWED before saving the movie. But it plays ONLY THE AUDIO without any picture but a black screen if the edited movie is saved.

The PC on which the move is edited:
A desktop with Windows 7 Pro. 64b.

Do not know the problem nor how to solve the problem.

Any software that can surely play the movie without such problems?

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Could be due to some messy drivers/codecs on your system. Are you using an external graphics card like Nvidia?

1. Drivers: Try updating your graphics card driver, install all recommended windows updates.
2. Codecs: Your codecs could be messed up, did you install any of the mega codec packs that are advertised on the web?

Upload your video/link to it on the forum, so that others could see if they can play the video.

Try playing the video in PotPlayer. If it doesn't, convert it to a different format using XMediaRecode and try playing again.
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Simple questions first. It is not clear whether you tried to play the saved movie back on the smartphone, or on the PC itself?

Either way, which player did you use to play the video?
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