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ShinzuiUindo 26. Dec 2014 07:51 PM

... can set the average dB of a song
The car's mp3 player is really simple and I'm already using a script ro randomize the filenames of the mp3s instead of shuffling, but then there is still each song's volume - some of them are quiet, others are loud, and the last thing I should be doing while driving, excluding texting, is adjusting the volume of each song as it plays. I'm looking for a program that I can use to do that in advance without having to guess how much I have to increase/decrease the volume, so it should probably be able to detect a file's average decibels and allow me to change it.

garth 27. Dec 2014 02:05 PM

Most windows based CD/DVD burning software will have a function to "Normalise" the relative volumes of music tracks so they all play at the same volume. Dunno about other platforms but you didn't specify:)

Anupam 27. Dec 2014 04:56 PM

Have a look at MP3Gain:

ShinzuiUindo 28. Dec 2014 04:39 PM

This one appears to be working with the maximum dB found in a song instead of the average, but it does get the job done more or less, thanks.

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