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Default ...covers all the bases in Context Menu editing

I have used a couple of shareware giveaways and Glary Utilities for context menu editing, but I've been dissatisfied. None of them lists all of my context menu entries, so I'm not able to get rid of certain entries I want to shed.

I want a program that will enable me to add as well as subtract entries and make that easy for me, unlike these other programs. One only lets one do it with command lines, with which I'm not yet proficient.

I'd like a program that not only comprehensively covers my context menus but will let me for example delete one Glary entry from the context menus while keeping other Glary entries instead of treating them as a package. I'd even like to be able to get rid of Cut, because I never use it except by accident.

Is there an ideal free right click manger out there? If I can even find a pair that will do the job, I'll be happy.

Computer: Dell System B3 Desktop
CPU: Intel Pentium 4-2667 (Northwood, D1)
2666 MHz (20.00x133.3) @ 2657 MHz (20.00x132.9)
Motherboard: DELL 0G1548
Chipset: Intel 845GEV (Brookdale-GEV) + ICH4
Memory: 2048 MBytes @ 166 MHz, 2.5-3-3-7
- 1024 MB PC3200 DDR-SDRAM - Kingston K
Graphics: Intel 82845G/GL/GV Graphics Controller [DELL]
Intel i845G(L) Integrated, 64 MB
Drive: ST380011A, 78.1 GB, E-IDE (ATA-6)
Drive: HGST HTS545050A7E380, 488.4 GB, Serial ATA 3Gb/s <-> USB
Drive: SAMSUNG CD-R/RW SW-252S, CD-R Writer
Sound: Creative Technology SB Live! Series Audio Processor
Network: RealTek Semiconductor RTL8139 PCI Fast Ethernet NIC [A/B/C]
Network: Broadcom 4401 10/100 Integrated Controller
OS: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition Build 2600 SP3

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Take a look at the Startup tool of CCleaner. You will find Context Menu in one of the tabs, from where context menu entries can be controlled.

Although you cannot add any entries there, but you can enable, disable, and also delete the entries. Hope you find it useful.
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Along with what's already mentioned, I use FileMenu Tools and Default Programs Editor.
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I've never found one that really covers all the bases, but Ultimate Windows Context Menu Customiser comes pretty close.

It lets you add/delete separate entries, you can add your own third-party tools to open drives, folders or files, change/remove menu icons and even rearrange the menu in a limited way (i.e. set items to top, middle, or bottom).

You can also set items to be part of the "extended" context menu (the items that appear only when you shift-right click) although I forget whether or not XP has that feature :/

I think it should handle individual Glary entries ok but I don't use Glary so can't be sure. With other software I use though it does handle each entry separately for drives and folders.

It works very well in W7 but I've not tried it in XP.

The context menu for files is quite a complicated thing to handle though and UWCMC will only show global entries, i.e. those that attach to all files.

Editing the context menu for individual filetypes is pretty time consuming ... Default Programs Editor as mentioned by JL is very good for this but it will only pick up on filetypes which already have a registry entry so beyond that as far as I know, you're left with editing the registry yourself.

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