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Default an audio and/or video downloader that grabs things other programs can't extract

I need something that will get what I'm not able to extract with the DownThemAll or Flash Video Downloader extensions or my applications.

I use Firefox and Maxthon browsers but have Slimjet from the Chromium family handy as well.
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That's a really tough call. It isn't as simple as "catch all video that plays in my browser that this program doesn't recognize". Although it's not the best comparison, it's like saying "translate everything for me that's not English or French".
What would help is telling us what website you're trying to download this from.
One bit of advice I can give that will cover a lot of bases is try forcing the site to use their HTML5 player, if they have one. HTML5 is generally a lot easier to crack open and get the video from than Flash - at that point, FlashGot or DownloadHelper work fairly well on Firefox.
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Thanks for the information. The page I had in mind was a temporary thing that's not still up.
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This question about video downloader has been asked a few times before on the forum. I cannot find links to the older threads though .

Anyways, if you are unable to download videos by popular methods like Firefox add-ons, or software like Freemake Video Downloader, then there are other software, which use different techniques to detect and download video from a page. In case you come across such a video, you will have to try them each to see which one can download the video.

I had a friend ask for such help once, and that time I had tried different video downloaders. Listing here the ones which impressed me, and which were able to work, or will work nicely.


It first used to be integrated with the Real Player, but is now available as a separate download. It installs plugin into the browser. When a video is played, and you move the mouse over it, a Download button will be displayed clicking which the video will start downloading.


This has a quite unique way of downloading videos. It has an inbuilt browser, where you paste the URL, and then it starts detecting elements on the page. When it comes across the video element, it shows details about it in a window below the browsing box, and then the Download button can be pressed to download the video. Should work in most cases.

VSO Downloader:

This one is also unique in its working. When it runs, it just listens and waits to detect any video stream in any of the browsers. Once it detects the video stream, it starts downloading. The automatic downloading can be controlled via the settings.

xVideoServiceThief :

Another Firefox extension which is mainly a download manager integrator, but, which I have found works great for detecting and downloading multimedia stuff too, is Flashgot:

BTW, we have a stub for this category on the main site, here:

Best Free Video Downloader

You can find more suggestions there.
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