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Default Filebackup software that will backup new folders and files

I am looking for a free file backup software, that will also backup a folder with sub folders & files.
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You need to explain in more detail what you want to do. Even a simple thing like copying a folder (and its sub-folders) from one location to another is a form of backup. If that is what you want to achieve then a simple program like FastCopy will do that.
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Hi, I was looking for something like this recently. I triedout a few and chose SyncFolders by Gert Jan Weerheim.It has no adware bundled with it. I chose this one because I could choose to either synchronise, back up, or copy from one folder(including all it's subfolders) to another, and could select multiple folders to do this with, in one task. When I choose to back up one folder to another, or sync between two folders, I can choose whether some folders get deleted in the process, or whether they are moved to another folder of my choice. for me this meant I had a safety net. also, I can just do a manual back up/sync/copy or elect for it to happen automatically on a regular basis. When I asked the developer about real-time sync, he said he was of the opinion that having software constantly running in the background isn't a great idea. I downloaded from which is recommended here as a safe site, and tells you if anything is bundled with adware. They have two options by the name of SyncFolders, the other one hasn't been updated for years.
Hope this wasn't a case of 'too much information'. I just happened to notice your question when i was posting a request myself. Regards, Jay
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