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Default Need a good cd/dvd copy program for Linux

Would appreciate a dvd/cd copy program for Linux. I am running Linux Mint Debian Edition on an HP Envy 700 - 216 computer and Brasero is very slow. Would like a simple to use disk copy program.
Would really appreciate any suggestions.

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K3b perhaps? [Though whether it will be any quicker than Brasero, I don't know. It seems to me that the slow speed is more likely caused by your hardware configuration than by whatever software you're using.]
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Yes, hardware is normally the limiting factor. The technical specifications for the drive and the disks both affect write times.

Normally, your drives are rated at so many times the read speed for the first DVD drives. So if I have a 4X DVD drive and the read speed is just under 60 minutes then it will take about 15 minutes (= 60/4) to write a new disk. If the DVD drive were 8X then it would only take about 7 minutes.

The other factor to consider is the quality of the optical disks. They will be limited to a maximum write speed above which they will not write reliably. The DVD writing software should be able to determine this and slow down writing to a reliable speed even if the DVD drive is faster.
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Use cdrtools.
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