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You're forgetting the scope of what is being potentially flagged. Registry cleaners try to scan the entire thing, while manual edits usually go for specific areas (many times following expert advice).

The automated tool (especially if truly automatic) is the more dangerous one, because you're letting someone else deciding everything for you without necessarily knowing what it is you're actually deleting.
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J_L, I agree that the more entries you change then the greater the risk. I also agree that registry cleaning is risky. As I said "The question is whether RC developers have correctly identified what can be deleted." I was not saying that they have. But the riskiness isn't the context for my comments which are addressing the advice to not use an automated tool because the registry is too complex.

"In general, I would prefer an automated tool because the processes in this heavily tested programs are less likely to succumb to random human error than ... a user doing manual edits using RegEdit." It would hardly be a fair comparison of the automated versus manual methods if the registry cleaner had to make 1,000 deletes and we only used Regedit to make one. Comparing the risk of making any particular changes using an automated tool versus regedit then the automated tool should work more consistently.

What this means in practice is that if I need to delete one or two registry keys then I consider using a registry cleaner just to delete those specific keys. Because I can select the category(ies) I want scanned it is quite quick and the registry cleaner backs up my changes so I can easily roll them back if there is a problem. It is far less risky than using Regedit to delete the same keys. Where the key(s) to be deleted are not likely to appear in registry cleaner scan results then I'd revert to using RegEdit.
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Thank you, gentlemen, for the informative comments.

I guess nobody knows a program that duplicates the Webroot feature I referenced.
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