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Cool Desktop Search engine recommedations


I need a good Desktop Search engine for Win7.

I need one that will also search in my external hard drive.

Any help is appreciated.
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See our review here.
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I went with FileLocator Lite, which is actually from the same people who create Agent Ransack. They realised the original name was putting some people off. It has many more capabilities and options than i need. I chose this because it also searches my external drives, searches the drives i tell it to, and I wanted something that would search for files created since a certain date, on a date, or between dates, as searching for modified files always brings up a huge list. I wanted something fast, that had no adware/malware bundled with it.
I tried locate32, which is one of the ones recommended on this site, but I had to update it's database before every search, and it was very much slower than FileLocator Lite. I downloadedfrom, because they check everything they list for malware. Regards, Jay
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