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Default Machine Gun HD

I have an HP Envy desktop with Win8.1, 3.2GHz processor, 10GB of ram and 1.5TB seagate HD and it's just over a year old.

the problem is that the HD just within the last two months began to scan and when it does it sounds like a short burst from a machine gun. It does it every 5-10minutes and lasts for about 1-1.5 seconds.

Don't know even if there's a program that can even see such a thing, besides resident programs. Don't know and can't figure out what's happening here...hope someone may have had the same or similar thing happen to them and got it fixed short of replacing the HD.

Thanks ahead of time for any help..
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If your hard drive starts making more noise then it is more likely to have an error or fault which could lead to failure. The sound is usually caused by the drive servo mechanism repeatedly repositioning the read head because it is having difficulty reading the data recorded on that part of the disk.

Whatever it is, you should make sure that you have a complete backup of all your data files.

Here's two ways to confirm a drive fault:
If you can't find any problem with the data stored on the disk and the sound continues then it might mean that the drive servo mechanism has a problem locating the correct track to read. This could also lead to the drive failing.
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I would encourage you to read this article and then utilize one or more of the programs to test out your HD to see if it is failing:
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