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Default i need to copy data to multiple usb drives


I have searched the net and could not come up with anything, but i would like to get a software that allows me to copy data namely MP3s to multiple usb drives simultaneously.

This is for my church conference and we are looking do the records via usb drives. Any suggestions would be very helpful.
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The only suggestion I can make is to use Teracopy. You will have to do a copy to each drive, but you can run it several times simultaneously.
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A standalone PC is not designed to support copying to multiple devices at the same time. The best solution is to buy or rent a copier which is what churches and other groups have been doing for years for their music tapes, video tapes, CDs and DVDs.

Your next best option for software is something like:The important requirement is software that will multicast copies and images ie they create multiple images/copies at the same time.

Clonezilla does do multicasting whereas Teracopy and many other products don't. The Clonezilla interface can be difficult and it is an offline solution (it wants control of your computer and, as far as I know, doesn't run under Windows). On the other hand the boot disk can include other utilities as in the GParted disk.

You could try running multiple instances of a copy program to achieve the same result. But that will more quickly max out your system througput at any of several bottlenecks. As contention increases throughput generally drops exponentially:
  • If multiple programs are accessing the original file(s) then you're likely to get disk thrashing as they all try to read at the same time. In this case an SSD will allow faster reads.
  • Your throughput will max out at some point and the overall copy speed will decline as there is more contention for limited bandwidth. This will likely happen first on the USB bus and its hubs. So the practical limit for copying to several USB drives simultaneously might be as low as two or three USB drives depending upon your system specs.
If you provided more info about your systems then it would be easier to be more specific. The sort of questions you need to think about are:
  • How many USB drives will I be copying?
  • How quickly do I need the copies produced? The faster you need them then the more attractive a dedicated copier becomes.
  • How big are the MP3 files?
  • How many MP3 files are there for each copy? Fewer and larger is better than many and smaller.
  • What computers? What operating system?
  • How many computers?
  • Are the computers networked? What network?
  • What else is being done on the computer systems at the same time?
  • What version of USB bus on the computers?
  • What version of USB for the USB drives?
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Had a search and found ImageUSB. So there are probably other software solutions.
Better to light a candle ... than to curse the darkness.
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