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Default CorelDRAW alternative


Not sure if I'm allowed to mention this program but I can't think of a way to describe what it does well enough so that people understand what I am looking for.

Please delete all reference to the program if needed.

Essentially I am looking for a freeware product that does what the software in the title does.

It is for my girlfriend of mine who got caught out with a pirate version. She has learn't her lesson and I am trying to show her that there are alternatives to high priced software that are actually better :-)

This lady could be my future wife so any help / advice would be greatly appreciated :-)

Now I only have to get the courage to propose on Feb 14!


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You don't say what she does with it. CorelDraw Graphics Suite is several applications so which programs and features does she use?

CorelDraw is primarily a vector graphics editor so check out Best Free Vector Graphics Editor where Inkscape is the top pick.

But if she does a lot of bitmap editing ('photoshopping') then you may have to look at other products in Best Free Digital Image Editor. If she uses the full range of the CorelDraw suite but mainly bitmap editing then two options are GIMP and Photoscape. Alternatively she could use get the Plus range that includes DrawPlus, PhotoPlus, PagePlus, WebPlus and MoviePlus.
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Photofiltre is a free bitmap utility. There is an English version.
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Inkscape wins the prize. Thank you both for your suggestions :-)
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