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Question Unique ebook needs - Please help

I am currently writing a hard cover travel guide/journal that I would like to convert to kindle and/or ebook - which I am clueless about! I WOULD SO MUCH APPRECIATE YOU HELP AND EXPERTISE!

I need to know which apps are best for handling a lot of color photos and text. And, is there ANYTHING that allows a reader to journal (write into) the ebook or kindle book? My goal is for the reader/traveler to first read about the sites and see photos, then, while there - journal about them in the same book, so the writing is after the site description.

All I read is how plugins and apps have so many shortcomings that they look lousy on various readers like kindle fire or ipad. I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO START! Thanks so much for taking the time to help me out.
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There are many web sites that have information on creating an ebook and ebook features. Initially, you should read some basic guides and then try creating a simple mock-up of part of your book. Most of the challenges are the same for one chapter as for the whole book. At some point you join a forum on one of those ebook sites because you should be able to get more specific and relevant help. But at the moment, the following will help you to get started.

Here's an example of an easy to follow guide on publishing on the Kindle 10 Visual Steps To Self-Publishing Your Book On Amazon.

The Kindle has annotations so people can record notes anywhere in a book. All the ebook software I've seen provide the same capability.

There are several options for the format of an ebook. The Kindle uses a proprietary format but you can convert from other more common or more open formats like DOC, PDF and ePub. This means that your book can be created in one format and published in several other:
  • Word (DOC, DOCX) - one of the better options because most people have used Microsoft Word or a similar word processor; BF Office Suite
  • PDF - can be converted from DOC/DOCX; BF PDF Writer, BF PDF Tools
  • HTML - a bit more difficult for most people BF HTML Editor
  • ePub - usually converted from PDF or DOC files
  • Text - not recommended because your book will be more complex BF Text Editor

Your book will probably end up as a hierarchy of linked documents rather than one big document. This is mainly because of the large size of your color images, ie they will be too big too embed in one big book document.
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