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Default Need eBook reader for Win 8 64 bit

I am looking for an eBook reader to install on my Windows 8 64 bit computer. I am a senior citizen and a complete newbie at doing this. I mainly want it so I can download Photoshop books that are available from Adobe and Peachpit. If the program is able to increase the font size for easier reading it would definitely be a benefit. Thank you. Respectfully, GG
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Calibre is a well-regarded open-source reader.
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I use sumatra pdf myself. I didn't like calibre out of personal preference. I ilke seeing the actual text and not menus
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Sumatra is very nice indeed, very fast and lightweight, and has the major advantage (to me) that it doesn't insist on importing every book that you read into its own library folder.

Calibre on the other hand has come a long way and is now on v 1.x, and of course it does have full screen/maximise so you don't have to see the menus : ) It also wins hands-down on features, library management, and the number of filetypes that it can read and convert. It's also a lot faster and smoother than it used to be, for me at least.

Lastly, much as I like Sumatra I just don't like my ebooks being displayed as single pages, I much prefer a two-page layout which Sumatra doesn't do with ebooks. Silly I know, but I prefer Calibre on that score if I want to settle down to read a whole book.

Personally I use both, and STDU Viewer as well.
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Not certain if this is what you're looking for, but both Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook have free apps for PC. Just go to sites and download the apps and you're good to go. Both sites also have free books, but that takes a bit more digging, especially the NOOK. Kindle allows you to choose page format, haven't used my NOOK yet, but would think that also allows choice. There's a free app for iTunes for PC, but to access the books you need to have an iOS device. Think there may be a free PC app for KOBO, but haven't had time to check. Blio's another one I have to check out as far as free apps. Hope this helps...and I'm okay to add to ongoing conversations. New here.
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