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Default Link sentences inside text document to audio files

This may be a long shot but does anyone know if it's possible to highlight a sentence or a paragraph inside a text document and have it linked to a wavepack audiofile or maybe even a specific point in the audio file?

To illustrate what I'm after let me invent an imaginary application. The application works something like this:

I have a huge chunk of text say 100,000 words.
This text is a mixture of remarks, lyrics, instructions, bla bla this and bla bla that.
I highlight a sentence in this text.
Now imagine a hammer two nails and a spool of invisible string.
I put a nail in the highlighted sentence, the other nail goes in a wavpack files (maybe at a specific point in the file)
Why? because I would like those two items to be connected but I want to keep all the text in one centralized place.
I do this hundreds of times with many different sentences and audio files.
The program remembers all the spaghetti connections.
Now I would like to be able to view all those connections in all kinds of helpful ways.
Like view all the highlighted sentences in the text, click one and have the linked audio file(s) shown, or something like that.

I guess some of this might be achieved with hard links, but all ideas welcome even if it doesn't offer a complete solution. Willing to consider both freeware and payware programs.
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Couldn't you use hyperlinks to do that?
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