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Default Outlook (2007): Freeware to Extract email addresses?


I have a following (quite common, I think) challenge... "System" description:

1) From a website form data is filled and the form data is mailed to mail address (ending to MS Outlook 2007 email-box; and to a certain personal folder there).

2) So there can be say 30-150 emails in that specific folder that are from the same sender (form-mailer) with same subject etc., but the mail content (=form data) is different based on the data filled by the people on the website.

"Problem" / Challenge I would like to solve:

From those e-mails (under in certain folder in personal mailbox folders) I would like to be able to extract to say to Excel, .CSV files or similar data from the full message/message body (e.g. email adresses, names etc.).

I have tried several (mostly shareware) solutions BUT none of those I have tried so far have been working (= extract the mail addresses from a message body from a folder containing several mails) as requested.

Any advice highly appreciated.


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