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Anupam 14. Jul 2015 04:40 PM

Adobe Reader is now Adobe Acrobat Reader DC
Just noticed on download sites that Adobe Acrobat Reader DC was available for download. Seemed like a new product to me. I became curious and searched for the good old Adobe Reader. Found out, it has now been replaced by Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (freeware version), DC standing for Document Cloud.

The page for Adobe Reader now features Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, which will let you download a 1.1 MB offline setup file, despite showing the size on the page (after deselecting McAfee bundleware) as 75.3 MB :rolleyes:.

Anyways, I got an offline download from their ftp side. Downloading it right now, and will see what they have changed.

CASD 14. Jul 2015 05:06 PM

I love it... I download ebooks, Use Calibre to convert them to PDF click on the PDF version and adobe picks it up/opens and then I save it to the cloud.. I read them on my iPhone adobe cloud app

Anupam 14. Jul 2015 05:17 PM

Well, atleast one person is happy using it :D.

Anupam 14. Jul 2015 06:01 PM

Tried it. Seems good so far. Less clutter on screen, and you can customize what buttons you want on screen. By default, only a few buttons are there... and so, I had to find how to get the file to fit to page width, and to see if the scrolling was continuous.

I never used Adobe Reader much anyways, so won't be able to tell much. People who have been using it for a long time can probably say better about it.

The cloud function will be definitely appreciated by people, like CASD, who would like their files on multiple devices.

I do install Adobe Reader on computers of others though, because those who use PDF files a lot, Adobe Reader seems to be the standard.

I myself use PdfXchange Editor, but alternate readers like these can't handle signature issues and all, which are primarily made for Adobe Reader.

Anupam 14. Jul 2015 06:48 PM

Had installed Adobe Acrobat Reader in Sandboxie. While deleting contents, I see that there was 741 MB to delete :eek:... that's a lot! What the heck are they installing this much for?

I am glad I am not using Adobe Reader on my computer :rolleyes:

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