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placou 1968 23. May 2012 05:37 AM

autorun zip
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i hope this is right its autorun log

placou 1968 23. May 2012 04:25 PM

at a time you determine, i would ask you check autorun log, im over my head there in determining what to stop on autorun. this may help....i never watch movies, i dont use google,....i have no idea why some entrys are yellow, and have no file. my instincts tell me not to bother that until you review it, thanks in advance

George.J 23. May 2012 05:47 PM

Yes, there are a few unwanted items you might want to uncheck in the autoruns menu. I'll send you a modified .arn file and you can make the changes manually. For now, I'll analyze the logs your GMER logs tonight when I get free.

George.J 25. May 2012 04:07 AM

There's nothing wrong or any indications of malware from your logs in my analysis. If you're not seeing indications of any malware, pop-up's or browser redirections, then your computer should be clean by now. I've pvt messaged you on what you can do with your Autoruns settings, you may choose to do it.

You're now free to install/uninstall, copy files etc from now :). Next time, choose to download softwares from the author's site, or as a secondary measure from the download sites I've mentioned. Have a good day :)

placou 1968 05. Jun 2012 03:13 AM

follow up information
i have recently noted i keep finding "sticky keys". i have ask all persons at my home and i find i have someone that has been playing games using "sticky keys" on my computer for quite sometime. i did not know about other persons on computer, now password changed.

i went to start, paint, file, open... then to "look in" where i chose "my recent documents". numerous things came up, one of which is unknown to me and named "chameleon".

i r.clicked chameleon and 14 icons appeared, 4 icons named firefox, firefox ms-dos application, firefox shortcut to ms-dos program, firefox screensaver, iexplorer, mbam-killer, rundll32,svchost, winlogon and others. i right clicked one of the firefox related icons and clicked properties and i seen "test, configure, and other options. i closed it and came here, hoping to figure out what had happened. each of the icons are showing a size measurement in kb.

some are dated 4-4-12, some dated 4-18-12.
my computer is working fine, and i HAVE NOT attempted to replace the mozilla firefox browser yet.

this is from the admin side. i looked at the limited user side and found similar items as mentioned above.
how do i remove all of this prior to replacing mozilla firefox? and is there anything of value possibly for knowledge contained within the above information?

George.J 05. Jun 2012 04:17 AM

Chameleon is a technology incorporated into MBAM (MalwareBytes) that allows it to run even when there is persistent malware on the system that tries to block it from running. If you check your C:/Program Filse/MalwareBytes Anti-Malware/Chameleon folder you can see all these files you mentioned over there. There is nothing to worry.

placou 1968 05. Jun 2012 11:21 AM

ok, thank you.

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