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chris.p 22. May 2009 07:30 PM

Changes at Titan backup -- note carefully
I got this interesting message from Titan today. There are probably a lot of Titan users here as we have recommended their software in the past.

There are two interesting points - it's now freeware; but the new version does not have backward compatibility. However you can run both versions simultaneously.

From an average user's point of view this looks to me as if Titan as such does not exist any longer.

Dear Titan Backup user,

We would like to inform you of some important changes to Titan Backup.

GFI Software has been working with Titan for some time and has made significant investments in the technology, which it has now re-launched under GFI. GFI will continue making major investments in this technology.

We would like to inform you that GFI Backup 2009 Home Edition has now been launched. This version is being offered as full-featured FREEWARE for PC home users.

GFI Backup has retained all the functionality you are accustomed to in Titan Backup and also includes additional feature and improvements*. We invite you to try out GFI Backup 2009 Home Edition, which you can download from:

Please note that you cannot back up with the Titan Backup version and restore with the GFI version. Also, you cannot import your settings from Titan Backup to GFI Backup, as there have been major changes to the configuration file formats.

You therefore need to install GFI Backup and reconfigure, as follows: Download and use GFI Backup 2009 Home Edition, and run a new back up of your existing files, re-creating your backup and synchronization tasks as needed. We highly recommend this option.

Alternatively, if you choose to back up with your Titan Backup product or you need to restore your files so they can then be backed up with GFI Backup you can:
- manually restore files backed up with the Titan Backup product; or
- use the latest build of the Titan Backup product (v2.5.0.117); to get this version, please email eblaga[at] it is not available on the GFI website.

Both Titan Backup and GFI Backup can be installed on the same machine.

There will be no further development of the Titan Backup product. GFI Backup replaces this product and we will only enhance and maintain the GFI Backup product.

For support issues related to GFI Backup Home Edition, please visit our support forums.

You can find more information about GFI Backup 2009 and other GFI products on our website:

Thank you,

The GFI Software team


ps --- CJ, do we need a News board?

papawdalton 23. May 2009 01:02 AM

GFI replaces Titan Back Up
I got the same letter and downloaded the new software, seems to be working ok. Worth reviewing for the freeware list.

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