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Default truecrypt question

well since i cant post on the truecrypt forums because they ask for a payed e-mail adress, ill bring my question here to you nice people ^_^. anyways, if i have a truecrypt volume mounted and my computer freezes up requiring me to do a hard shut down. does the volume dismount itself, does the data become corrupted, or is the data itself stored back onto the computer decoded?

i ask this because my computer has a bad habit of freezing up alot, and im scared to mount my volume because i might lose those files. those files contain all my e-mails and passwords, so you can see why i would be concerned.
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However your PC shuts down Truecrypt will be dismounted anyway. The data is only as safe as any data when a PC crashes. I have never had a problem when mine has crashed and still have to re-mount with password as normal when the PC recovers. However, if the crash is bad enough to corrupt any data at all then the Truecrypt data is just as vulnerable as any. Sensible backup should always be the watchword in case of incidents like this.
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Agree with Jim. TrueCrypt dismounts any mounted volumes on shutdown. Haven't had any problems with TC yet. Backup is always recommended but i personally i have never backed up a truecrypt volume.
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Default Truecrypt dismounts safely whatever.

I often hit reset or switch off at the socket - I have little patience and frequently can't wait for whatever reason for the PC to do whatever it's doing, and my truecrypt volumes have never suffered any problem - thus far anyway. It's an excellent program.
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