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Default Download extraction program

I have downloaded a series of many video clips in .zip format, all legal. and goes well, but...
The vids are all put in separate folders in zip format. The only way I can extract them is one at a time and then it puts each extracted file by default in another separate folder. I want to import them to make a movie. Again I can only do it one at a time which is a pain and takes a lot of time. Is there a program or a trick to avoid all this work? Does some file manager or extraction program allow me to extract multiple files? thanks Tony
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When ive downloaded files or films with multiple zip files in one folder i usually right click the first zip that unzips all the parts and the complete file appears at the bottom of the folder in its original form.
Download 7zip and install it and it will do the work for you mate..
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Extractnow (
Suction (

I just drag entire folder containing all the zip files into extractnow, it extracts every zip/rar/7z/etc in the folder into their own subfolders. Then using suction, I drag the folder into it and it brings every file up to parent folder and deletes the empty folders
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