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Default POE Argtek CPE2512 router portforwarding help

I have recently switched to zylog wisp wireless broadband connection....I have an 1mbps connection. I get an average of 70 to 100kBps in utorrent without port forwarding........There is a port forwarding option in the router.......But when i configure it and check it .....Its not open....What should i do ??.......How to port forward ???

I have an ARGtek CPE2512 Router.......there is no router username and password setup in the router.......the default router address is

what is NAT............explain me in an easy way...........i have to login using the browser with my username and password manually and then it does not need any login if we reboot our device..........we have to logout manually using the does not logout if the modem is rebooted
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I am not certain that there is a firewall in that product.

You can look at the user manual here, but there is no information on forwarding:

ISPs advertise speeds in bits (b) and uTorrent shows speeds in bytes (B).
8b = 1B so 1Mbps = about 125kBps. With overhead your 100kBps is pretty close to max.

Check out the Optimizing uTorrent for Speed guide and see if that offers any help:
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