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Default Email addresses compromised?

I have 2 Hot mail accounts and 2 Yahoo/verizon e mail accounts. Lately I have received emails from one of my accounts to the second account that appears to be from me. When I checked them out they are not from me but
are ads.. As it seems that all of my e-mail accounts have been compromised
do I have to set up new email accounts and get rid of the current ones?
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I would recommend changing the passwords on all of your accounts ASAP!
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Did you check the email address of the ad-containing email that you received? Is it the exact same email address as yours?

Am asking this, because, I have received spam in my email, where it uses my name as the name of the sender, but the email address is not mine. So, it can look as if the email has come from your address, but it is not so.

If its the exact same email address, then it might be, that your email address has been compromised. In that case, as Kendall suggested, change your passwords immediately. I would also suggest to change security questions, and also any other security based information, which could have gotten into the hands of the hacker.

Choose passwords carefully. Don't use dictionary words. Don't use passwords, which can be easily guessed by people close to you. Include numerals, and symbols like "@", "#" etc, in your password along with the alphabets. Also choose a password of 6 or more characters.

You can also use a password manager like KeePass to store passwords securely, so that you do not have to remember them.

PS : I have also changed the title of the thread, to better reflect the subject.
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It is not hard to spoof the header of an email to make it appear as if it comes from one of your own accounts. As the others suggest it would not hurt to change the passwords and security questions just to be safe, but it is possible, and very likely, that the email you "received from yourself" was simply spoofed. Just do a search on Google or Bing using the phrase, "I received an email from myself" and you will find over 68 million results. That should show you it is pretty common.
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