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Default How can I move my Windows and boot area to Sata drive?

What's the best way to move the Windows and Boot area from a IDE 160 GB drive which I currently have as boot drive, to a SATA 1 TB drive which I currently have for data only?

Indeed is this do-able? If so, whats the easiest way to do it?

As I understand it, this would Make my PC faster! Is this indeed so? Or would I be better leaving setup as is?

Thanks, in anticipation

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Although SATA has faster max transfer speed, it really depends on the hard drive. You need a disk benchmarking program to determine that. There are some in this article:

As for transferring the data, you need a disk cloning or imaging program. Here's the corresponding article:
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Not sure how much faster it will make your computer. It depends on the hard drive specs. Your CPU and memory are big factors that determines a computers speed

Basically you want to make a clone of your 160 GB drive take a look at these free drive imaging programs:
I had a Seagate hard drive that came with software in order to do this. It was actually a lite version of Acronis. Did any software come with the hard drive?


Looks like JL beat to the mark
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