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Smile Window Internet Explorer?


For some reasons Windows Interernet Explorer keeps not wanting to come up ony PC or I get a quick flash from it and that is it.

How can I fix things problem?

Right now I have to visit our public library every few days to work on line.

Suggestions and/or directions for this fix are greatly appreciated.

Rev. Brady
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Hi and welcome to the forum.
You might try downloading and installing the latest Internet Explorer (IE9) or perhaps a different browser such as Firefox or Google Chrome. All the best current browsers are featured on this page:

If you are unsure of how to go about this or don't manage to resolve the issue let us know and we will hopefully help you fix it
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Hi BradyBear, welcome to the forum.

You haven't told what version of Internet Explorer, and what version of Windows you are using.

You can try this support guide from Microsoft to fix the Internet Explorer problems :

If you are running IE6 on Windows XP, then this might help you :

And if you are running IE7, and above on XP, Vista, or Windows 7, then you can use this guide :

If that does not work, as Garth suggested, there are other browsers that you can try. Internet Explorer is not the only browser out there. In case you are using Internet Explorer 6, then you definitely need to update to IE8 atleast. Or, try Firefox, or any other browser from the article that Garth suggested.
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