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Default Hidden Programs Icons

I Have a computer that suffered a trojan and virus/malware attack, after cleaning everything and returning the computer to normal operations, all the Icons for programs are gone, as well as the links in the PROGRAMS MENU, The files are still there as I have defragged and watched the list go by, what can I do to recover these icons and lost Icons etc.

Thanks to Gizmos for the free removal tools, stingers and other cleaners that have the computer back to normal, Internet explorer is there, as is A COUPLE OTHER PROGRAMS, But for the most part its all invisible.
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Create a new account, then copy its start menu. Recreate icon cache as well:
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Default Unhide.exe

I had an issues with a computer that was a victim to numerous Viruses, Trojans and Bots, after running Macafee Avert Stinger, Hitman Pro, Spybot and CC Cleaner, the computer was back to normal but all the Icons were hidden as were the Program Links, Someone from here recommended UNHIDE.EXE from bleepingcomputer... and as easy as it sounds, its did the trick and her computer is back to normal....

Thanks Gizmos readers for the tips....

Im not sure who created the program but it works and I thank them for it

Reloaded the computer with AVAST and Malwarebytes, and Spybot and shes in good shape today....

Last edited by Anupam; 21. May 2011 at 07:22 AM. Reason: Removed link to direct download of unhide.exe. Not allowed as per rules.
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