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Default Windows 7 SP1 - Unable to download or install

This is not a question about Freeware installation, but perhaps somebody out there knows how to help me with this frustrating Windows problem. I have a Dell Vostro desktop computer with Windows 7 Professional (32 bit) installed. I have been unable to download or install SP1. Whenever I allow automatic updates to attempt to install this the computer just hangs even if I leave it untouched all day. It appears to be okay at first glance as the mouse pointer will move about on the screen, but it will not click on anything and no keys will work - not even Ctrl Alt Del. The Automatic Updates dialogue box shows it is downloading updates, but for hours and hours it just shows 0%.

As I have been unable to get the machine to respond to any input device I have, I have resorted to simply switching it off. Windows Update then reports the installation as "Cancelled"

I am using Avast Antivirus and Comodo Firewall. I have tried disabling both my antivirus and firewall, but this has not changed the outcome in any way.

The Microsoft site suggests that one must ensure you have sufficient disk space. My computer tells me I have 185GB free of 224GB, so I don't think this is the problem.

Any suggestions will be welcome. Thank You. Desi
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First off, my opinion is don't be in a hurry to install SP1 for Windows 7. I haven't installed it yet and don't plan to any time soon. I've read too many horror stories about it.

If you are insistent on installing it, try this webpage:

You could also decide to download the file and try running it rather than using windows update:
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Agreed with Kendall. Whilst SP1 works well enough for many, I experienced network related problems after installing mine and ended up reinstalling W7 without SP1.
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Thumbs up Windows 7 SP1 Advice - Thank You

Thanks for that advice, Kendall & Midnight Cowboy. I shall definitely not install SP1 in that case. I have set up a little home network and that computer is central to my family network. I am just an average user who muddles along, so it would be an absolute nightmare for me to have to reinstall Windows 7 or try figure out how to fix a network that wasn't working any longer.
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Service packs 2 & 3 for XP left me with a computer that woulnd't boot up both times so I am in no hurry to install this SP for win 7. I will wait until hopefully all the bugs are ironed out. Be sure to backup everything that is important to you before installing a SP
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