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Default Duplicate Files

Can anyone give me file names that can be safely deleted without destroying my system? I understand that JPG and DOC files are ok, any others?
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It's a little more complex than that Tux. If you really need to free up space there might be programs you have installed that you no longer use: you can uninstall these. You can remove anything from your personal "libraries" (my documents, my pictures etc) and this will not affect your system. Your best options, as have already been suggested to you, is to use either removable media such as DVD's and CD's and USB flashdrives, or to install a second hard drive, or to use an external USB hard drive to store your files.

An application such as CCleaner will find and remove junk and temporary file from your system.

An application like Duplicate Cleaner will find and remove duplicated files from your system.
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