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Default Mozilla Backup problem

I have dual monitors. Somehow the #1 monitor is my TV and cannot change it, so.... when I run MozBackup it will only appear on monitor #1 and I always had to turn on the TV then drag the app to mon #2 to run it. Well, a friend told me to run MozBackup, click on it in the task bar and then hold down alt/space bar/m then hold down the proper arrow key to move it to mon #2. Works great. I have to drag app from mon #2 to mon #1 from left to right so when I want to run MozBackup after initial key sequence I hold down the left arrow key and voila there it comes onto mon #2.

I had spent hours searching and checking out many forums for this problem but never found a solution or a cause of why I couldn't see the app.

Hope this helps someone else.
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