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Default PDF Printing Problem

I have a PDF File that is a massive 178 pages, When i press print my printer will print all the pages no problem, But the amount of ink and paper i would have to use is massive, then i have loads of A4 sheets of paper sitting around. So i went through my printer options and i could print it out like a booklet so 2 pages on one page page 1 and 178 so when i fold them it makes a nice little book, But every time i go to do this it goes past the spooling mark and says printing but the printer doesn't print anything then and a certain point it tells me to move the printed papers back into the tray so it can print on the other side of the page.

I gather this is a spooler problem because when i printed 8 pages of the PDF onto 4 pieces of paper to test it worked fine but i wont do 178 pages this way, so i thought id make it into several books but it got to the point i would have to make it over 6 books long at 30 or so pages but even this amount wouldn't print. And there is no point having 10 paged books.

The only way i can think of getting around this is to get a program that allows me to rearrange the pages so putting page 1+178 then 2+177 so on then in another program i already have merge the 2 pages together so its one sheet again. But this is a long way around it.

So my question is... Does anyone know a way i can achieve the same result but slightly easier or how to get my Printer (HP Deskjet F4500) to print it out?
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