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Default Install additional memory in dual channel?

I have an Intel D945PSN MOBO and currently with 4 memory slots max memory is 4GB for this board. In slot 1 a 2GB PC2 5300 240pin 667. I have added a 1Gb PC2 5300 240pin 667 stick which is in Slot 3. If I want to add another 1Gb stick, does it go in slot 4 so the 2 - 1 Gb sticks are in a dual channel arrangement and the 2GB stick is in a single arrangement, and will that work? Also looking at the pic samples on Intel's manual for this board it looks like I should install the 2 -1 Gb sticks in slots 1&2 and then the 2Gb stick by its self in slot 3. This flies in the face from years back where you installed your largest memory stick in slot one and as they got smaller in the other slots.
Also is there anyway to flash the SATA on the MOBO so it will do the advanced speeds like SATA 2 & 3

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According to the manual, that memory configuration should work as long as both channels are the same speed and size. And no on flashing the SATA rom to get faster speeds, there is more to it that just that.
- Jeffsw3
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