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Default Problems to defrag an external HD

I have a problem to defrag an external hard drive – Maxtor One Touch, 300 GB – connected to my computer through Firewire. I have it since several years ago and I never was able to defrag it.
With Windows tools it says that only in the next session of Windows it will be defragged. When I do it, it begins to defrag it but with such a short speed that it would take too many hours, or even days to do it.
I now use Auslogic and I can defrag internal drives and other external drives from Western Digital Elements (1 Tb, through usb) for instance, but not that Maxtor.
When I try it(with the Maxtor hard drive), the computer gets blocked, Auslogic gets blocked and it’s impossible to close it. Even to turn the computer off it takes a lot of time.
I have Windows Vista 64.
Do you have any idea about what is happening?
Thanks a lot for your help in advance.
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Certain Maxtor One Touch external HDD's have a reputation for developing various problems along the lines you describe.
You will find many references to it with an online search.

I've experienced problems with a One Touch 4 myself. If I remember rightly, I believe the input/output controller is prone to premature and intermittent failure which not only causes read and write problems but can also corrupt the data on the HDD itself.

You may find that the USB interface part of it is more reliable than the firewire, but it sounds to me like it's time to start looking for a replacement. I've read stories of people making warranty claims only to have the replacement fail in exactly the same way.

You could maybe transfer the Maxtor HDD to an external caddy or HDD docking station as a fix, though obviously you would void any Maxtor warranty if you dismantle the One Touch.

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2 thoughts:

1. Have you run a chkdsk on your external HD? You may have some bad sectors on that disk.

2. I'm not sure of the value of defragging an external HD. I've never bothered. I may be in the minority, but I use my HD for storing data files, image backups, and program files/downloads that I want to save. Why worry about it being defragged? It's not like you are accessing it constantly?
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Yes I have run a chkdsk.
I just worry about defrag to keep the HD for a longer time. However I think I must forget the idea of defrag this HD.
Thanks anyway.
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